1. Discipleship Groups Kickstart Guide

Download and read through the Discipleship Groups Kickstart Guide.
This guide is best used in connection with the following steps to understand all the aspects of the Discipleship Groups Model.

2. Discipleship Groups Intro Video

Check out this video to learn more about the “what” and “how” of Discipleship Groups. Have the Kickstart guide with you to follow along and take notes!

3. Discipleship Group Kickstart

Attend the next Discipleship Group Kickstart meeting! These meetings are set up to do further training, answer questions, and allow you to meet others seeking to join in Discipleship Groups as well. During the Kickstart we will do a guided model of what a discipleship group will be like so that everyone can get a feel for the weekly gathering. We try to use the Kickstart gatherings to launch as many groups as we can! They can be attended solo in order to be helped to be placed in a group, or you can attend with the group you desire to start with!

4. Discipleship Group Resources

For more information and all the resources you need, check out the Discipleship Group Resources Page!

5. Register Your Discipleship Group

Once you are ready to start your discipleship group, please register your group here so that we can encourage you, pass on information, and help your group continue to press into all that God desires to grow you in!