Journey Kids Volunteer Application

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Criminal Records Check Authorization

I hereby authorize Journey Church to obtain any information which pertains to any record convictions maintained on me whether local, state or national.
(example: Arizona, Mohave County)

Standards for Volunteers

We ask all our volunteers to be "imitators of God" (Ephesians 5:1). As a volunteer, you will be in a position of spiritual leadership. Although our church community welcomes all types of people, certain persons should not volunteer in our ministry until they have been discipled and are in their own process of healing. Persons who have a current dependency (chemical/sexual/emotional co-dependency/other addiction), persons involved in a sexual relationship outside of marriage, persons currently involved in illegal drug use, or persons currently undergoing their own personal restoration before serving in this ministry. Furthermore, because our ministry impacts the life of children and minors, any person with a history of sexual contact with minors need not apply.